Welcome to the 2016 Wellness Rewards program

This year you and your spouse will be required to attend a Biometric Screening event. If you are a remote employee or prefer another option, you can have your physician’s office complete a biometric screening and return the completed form to your WellNurse or fax it to 855-816-3504. Please select Schedule Your Biometric Screening Appointment button to schedule a Biometric Screening appointment on your property or select Forms & Information for a Biometric Screening form to take to your physician’s office.

If you or your spouse is identified as needing to complete Condition Management, you will be required to schedule an appointment with your WellNurse/Coach. You can schedule with the WellNurse/Coach at your Biometric Screening Event or select Schedule a WellNurse/Coach Appointment for Condition Management and schedule your appointment.

All participants in the program are required to have an annual physical at your physician’s office or Employee Wellness Center by May 31, 2016. Select Forms & Information for an Annual Physical form.

Need Help? 1-800-591-9220 | WellnessRewards@cigna.com